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Leicester Couriers provide a direct nationwide same day courier service that is fully insured, reliable, safe and secure to anywhere in Britain. Established in 1987, this delivery services Leicestershire is able to provide an express courier service that is fast and reliable for parcel delivery service for a wide range of customers, from individuals looking for next day delivery to companies looking for business courier services, sending larger quantities.

Our policy of one driver, one van means no chain and more efficiency allowing us to offer competitive rates for our same day courier services. A comprehensive range of delivery options is available from express couriers using one delivery driver to the option of two delivery personnel for the larger parcels using our outsized package courier team, all providing the same high level of courier services Leicestershire.

01455 271727
Welcome to Leicester Couriers a nationwide courier service. Leicester Courier Services have been established since 1987 and pride themselves on solving logistical courier problems and ensuring your packages are delivered direct to anywhere in Britain. Same day courier Leicestershire

A RELIABLE Fleet for a nationwide courier service

The proven reliability of our fleet ensures your package is delivered without unnecessary delays. Our in-house workshop facilities enable us to maintain our whole fleet well beyond any manufacturer�s recommendations.

At Leicester Couriers we set our own service intervals, which enables us to maximize the efficient running of our fleet. We achieve this in many different ways;

> All the consumables found on every vehicle, such as tyres, oil, filters are immediately upgraded to top quality specifications.

> Consumables are changed on every vehicle before they reach their manufacturers recommended life cycle.

> All our vehicles receive a daily check before hitting the road;

> Tyre damage
> Tyre pressure
> Oil & Water levels
> Washer & Brake fluid levels
> Lights
> Mirrors and windscreen glass

> The engine emissions on all our vehicles are kept in front of the EU standards.

Having these procedures in place is working.

Our proven record shows only 1 breakdown since 1998 on an outward leg of a journey.

A record unbeaten by any other courier service company, that we are aware of.


Leicester Couriers are specialists at delivering a quick, efficient bespoke service that is unique to each of our clients.

Leicester Couriers only offers one service to everyone

Leicester Couriers offer a FAST collection response time, we work to collecting a parcel from you in as little as 30 minutes.

We work outside office hours to suit your needs and are happy to deliver your package anywhere in the UK anytime providing a fast, reliable nationwide courier service.

Outside our long office hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm you will be able to get hold of a member of our team by phone 01455 271727 to assist with your delivery needs. We do not own, use or rely on answering machines

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Super delivery service Leicester in well maintained transport.

A nationwide courier service that delivers fast and reliably, same day courier Leicestershire.

Same Day Couier Leciestershire

Give Leicester Courier Services a call 01455 271727 to ensure your package reaches it's destination within the same day.

Fast Response Time

...Collection locally in as little as 30 minutes provding a same day delivery service from Leicester.


All major credit cards accepted

All major credit cards accepted

Tel: 07788 816251
Address: 49 Huncote Road, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire, LE9 4DH
Company Reg: 7280407
VAT Number: 992 2382 94
Trade Mark Licence: 2437571

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